Yannick Huot

Dr. Yannick Huot, LakePulse Director

Department of Applied Geomatics, University of Sherbrooke


Dr. Yannick Huot received his BSc in Physics from Laval University in 1997 and his PhD in Oceanography from Dalhousie University in 2004. His subsequent postdoctoral research appointment was with Dr. Marcel Babin at the Villefranche Oceanographic Laboratory in France (2004-2008).

In 2008, he took a position in the Department of Applied Geomatics at the Université de Sherbrooke as a professor where he is the Canada Research Chair in Earth Observation and Phytoplankton Ecophysiology.

Dr. Huot’s research spans oceanography and limnology and focuses on several topics such as primary production, photophysiology, optical oceanography, sun-induced fluorescence, and remote sensing. He has also developed an advanced profiling platform for autonomous observations of lakes, with capabilities such as under-ice observations and imaging of in situ phytoplankton cells.

From 2015 to 2016, Dr. Huot was invited for a nine-month fellowship at Curtin University (Perth, Australia) where he collaborated with Dr. David Antoine to study anomalies in remotely sensed ocean colour and the remotely sensed partitioning of the Indian Ocean.

Yannick is an associate editor of Inland Waters (Journal of the International Society of Limnology).

Dr. Huot believes that a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach is critical to address urgent societal problems, which led him to develop LakePulse.

Publications: GoogleScholar and ResearchGate