Sarah Goubet

Sarah Goubet, PhD student

INRS-ETE, Sciences of water


My interest as a young scientist has always been focused on a main theme: it’s all about water! Today, new technologies improve our capacity of understanding, managing and restoring aquatic ecosystems.

LakePulse survey sampling 680 lakes across Canada

Summer 2017: I participated in the 2017 field campaign with the Yellow Team for 7 weeks. My role was to use the optical tools, but also to be sure in the morning that everything was ready for the other members of the team when they came back from their sampling activities (laboratory, labeling bottles, tuna sandwiches).

Research project: Development of optical detection tools of algal blooms on lakes

New detection technologies such as hyperspectral cameras will be used to spatially define HABs with an high spectral resolution and to distinguish those dominated by cyanobacteria. A spectral signatures bank will first be generated in the laboratory using algal cultures at different stages of their growth to determine the changes in the shape and/or intensity of the signature according to the physiological state of the cells.

Project start to finish dates: September 2014 to January 2019

Supervisors: Dr. Isabelle Laurion and Dr. Karem Chokmani