Gabrielle Rondeau-Leclaire

Gabrielle Rondeau-Leclaire, Summer intern (2018)

Intern from the undergraduate biology program, ecology profile

Department of Biology, Université de Sherbrooke


I’m interested in human impacts on the environment, from the microscopic to macroscopic levels. I believe that a better collective representation of our environment will allow us to judge it accurately, and therefore lead to better management of our resources. The LakePulse project takes place in an attempt to better understand human and climatic impacts on the most precious resource, water. Canada holds more than 20% of the world’s freshwater resource, and a pro-active management is necessary to ensure proper functioning of the various ecosystems depending on it.

LakePulse survey sampling 680 lakes across Canada

Summer 2018: Sampling lakes in July and August with a field team!

Supervisor: Yannick Huot (Université de Sherbrooke)