Bruno Cremella

Bruno Cremella, PhD student

Department of Applied Geomatics, University of Sherbrooke


My main interests are the physiology, ecology and evolution of lake phytoplankton. More specifically,

  • Their diversity in response to light, temperature and nutrients,
  • The drivers behind dispersion patterns and phylogeographical clusters, and
  • The relationships between species life histories and niches.

My main questions are related to solving the Plankton Paradox:

  • Why are there so many species in such a homogeneous ecosystem?
  • Can we differentiate the niches occupied by the species or functional groups in the lakes?
  • Can we extract physiological data for phytoplankton taxons using large-scale phytoplankton data?

PhD project start and finish dates: May 2018 to May 2022 (approximately)

Supervisor: Yannick Huot (Université de Sherbrooke)

LakePulse survey sampling 680 lakes across Canada

Summer 2018: I will be sampling with the Purple Team in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Brittish Columbia.