Amir Reza Shahabinia

Amir Reza Shahabinia, PhD student

Département des sciences biologiques, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)


I am interested in understanding the basic functioning of ecosystems, in particular by studying and quantifying ecosystem metabolism.

Research project

Patterns and regulation of ecosystem metabolism and dissolved organic carbon in lakes across Canada

In order to preserve lakes we need to develop our understanding on the basic functioning of these ecosystems. To address the need for understanding the basic functioning of any ecosystem we need to quantify ecosystem metabolism. Efficient measurements of gross primary production (GPP), respiration (R), and net ecosystem production (NEP = GPP-R) enable us to understand how organic and inorganic materials and energy transfer through the ecosystem, also how ecosystems integrate with other environments at local to global scales to broadly support life and drive biogeochemical cycles.

There are three main goals in my study:

  1. To measure ecosystem metabolism.
  2. Define patterns and drivers of GPP and R and NEP.
  3. To measure DOC and build links between lake metabolism and DOC

Project start and finish dates (approximate): January 2018 to January 2022

Supervisor: Paul del Giorgio (UQAM)

LakePulse survey sampling 680 lakes across Canada

Summer 2018: Sampling lakes in July and August with a field team!