Alexandre Baud

Alexandre Baud, PhD student

Department of Biology, McGill University


I have strong interests in modern paleolimnological applications geared towards the investigation of recent environmental change. I also enjoy using geographical and analytical tools, which provide strong insights into how we shape Earth’s geomorphology.

LakePulse survey sampling 680 lakes across Canada

Summer 2018: Sampling lakes in August with a field team!

Research project: Spatio-temporal analysis of heavy metal enrichment in Eastern Canada across the last ~150 years

I am using the full sediment cores collected from a handful of the lakes sampled during the summer of 2017 to assess heavy metal enrichment over the last 150 years. This project involves the application of novel core scanning techniques, which enable the analysis of sediment density and geochemistry at milimetric resolution. With such information we will be able to identify regions that are most susceptible to heavy metal enrichment.

There are two main goals in my study:

  1. Provide estimates of heavy metal enrichment at high-temporal resolution using computed-tomography and X-Ray Fluorescence ITRAX core scanners.
  2. Identify the influence of lake morphology, catchment geology and land-use on metal enrichment.

Project start to finish dates: May 2018 to April 2022

Main Supervisor: Irene-Gregory Eaves (McGill University)
Co-supervisor: Pierre Francus (INRS, Québec)