Marie-Pierre Varin

Marie-Pierre Varin, Field Coordinator

Department of Applied Geomatics, Université de Sherbrooke


Marie-Pierre helps to coordinate the LakePulse Survey to sample 680 lakes across Canada over 3 years. Her tasks include purchasing and maintaining the equipment and instruments needed for lake sampling. She assists in planning the logistics for the LakePulse Survey in collaboration with the LakePulse Specialists. Marie-Pierre also helps to manage samples and to train the many field participants.

Marie-Pierre is helping to prepare the LakePulse Field Manual (154 pages), which will provide standardized protocols for lake sampling that are field tested on 680 lakes by 5 field teams during the LakePulse Survey. She works with LakePulse researchers, postdocs and students to continually improve the LakePulse Field Manual.

Marie-Pierre is particularly interested in paleolimnology.

Supervisor: Yannick Huot (Université de Sherbrooke)