Dont B. Anonymoose, PhD candidate

Department of Healthy Lakes, Boreal University


I am interested in science and freshwater management. Human activities are damaging my habitat through interrelated and cumulative impacts; this occurs in the absence of coordinated management. If freshwater is important to Canadians, it’s time for us to do a lot better when it comes to protecting it.

Supervisor(s): Dr. Seymour Loons

Start to finish dates: June 2017 to May 2022

Project Title: The paradox of the managed wild: rules and management are needed to avert a creeping crisis in Canadian lakes

Project Description: Lakes are affected by what happens outside of them: I will compare lakes that are surrounded by different types of human activities. I will be able to show how numerous incremental changes are negatively affecting lake biodiversity. A lake ecosystem is full of interconnections and interrelationships that are complex and numerous – so is resources politics. I will explain the links between lake management and lake health. If lake ecosystems must adapt to new realities and new threats, then freshwater policies and management must also be able to adapt to protect freshwater resources.

The specific project/thesis aims are:

  1. Determine how human activities alter lake biodiversity and functions.
  2. Identify policies and management practices that can address these lake stressors.
  3. Compare the implementation of lake management across Canada.

National Lake Pulse Survey:

Summer 2017 field campaign: Orange team, 8 weeks

I was mainly responsible for the optics measurements and the sediment cores. I particularly enjoyed shipping samples and labeling bottles.


Lake Pulse is carrying our the first-ever national assessment of lake health. Our goal is to sample 680 lakes across Canada over 3 epic summers.

In the summer of 2017, our field teams sampled 217 lakes for a wide range of variables to support 10 research projects and to develop a unique shared database.

National Lake Pulse Survey

Lake Pulse is a 5-year Network where scientists, postdocs, students and research professionals carry out individual research projects as well as collaborative projects such as creating new lake management tools.

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