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Lake Pulse to visit 232 lakes in 7 provinces this summer!

By LakePulse | Feb 12, 2018

(en français ici) Flashback to summer 2017 At the Lake Pulse command & control centre (Sherbrooke University, Quebec, Canada) The Director was grumbling again! He moodily opened box upon box of carefully packed samples from the 5 field crews traveling across 4 provinces to visit 217 lakes. At each lake, a crew spent a strenuous day…

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Guest blogger

By LakePulse | Oct 4, 2017

Message from a Lake Pulse participant (full text version with links follows) I appeared here, nestled in my watershed, 8000 years ago as an immense glacier was melting. In these ancient times, caribou and lake trout found their way to me. People followed and lived sustainably along my shore over millennia. I’m a Canadian Shield…

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A deep dive into lake colour… and your favourite drink

By LakePulse | Sep 13, 2017

“Why are you measuring that?” A new blog series on Lake Pulse projects Colourful liquids What is blond, amber or brown and needed – in copious amounts – by Lake Pulse field teams? The correct answer is “Canadian lake water”: our crews diligently collect hundreds of water samples as part of our national assessment of…

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Meet the Lake Pulse Director

By LakePulse | Aug 23, 2017

It took some convincing (chocolate works wonders), but we finally got our Lake Pulse Director in front of the camera for a brief interview. Watch our 2 new videos! They’re different! Enjoy them both! Meet our Director (in English) Notre directeur (in French) Our Lake Pulse Director, Yannick Huot, is also a professor in Applied…

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Our 4 biggest challenges in launching a Canada-wide lake sampling program

By LakePulse | Aug 7, 2017

They left! Yes, our 5 field teams: the Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow and Green teams have been sampling lakes from Ontario to Nova Scotia for a month. In the map below, we show the travel routes for each team. The teams are traveling at the same time, but some teams will continue for longer than others: from…

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Selecting lakes – and the story of creating “a poor woman’s supercomputer”

By LakePulse | Apr 27, 2017

A true story of an impossible mission Imagine that it’s your first day at a new job. After slogging away as a graduate student for years, what a relief to land your first real job!   An email suddenly arrives from your new boss:   Fleeing this situation would be a natural reaction. (For appropriate destinations, we suggest you…

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From funding to sampling: A choose your own adventure story

By LakePulse | Mar 7, 2017

After spending about 15 months developing a scientific proposal (a mere 160 pages) and going through several stages of reviews and evaluation committee visits, one warm day in June, you receive news that your project will be funded. After celebrating for a couple of minutes, it dawns on you that you will now have to…

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